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Case Study 1

  • NEC PABX 5 sites (combination of SV8100 & SL-1000)
  • SIP Trunking between NEC PABX with CISCO
  • WiFi SIP Extension
  • NEC MyCalls Call Centre
  • NEC MyCalls Enterprise (Centralized Management Software for five sites)
  • Xtend Voice Logger PRI Trunk & Digital Extension


In 2014, we deploy an integrated solution for an automobile industry in malaysia where we managed to interlink six (6) sites of various PABX via VOIP link. The solution proposed has been beneficial to the customer as it reduces the company phone bill but also increase the customer productivity when reaching various department from other sites.


Case Study 2

  • NEC SV9100 PABX
  • NEC MyCalls Call Centre with MyCall Desktop
  • Xtend Voice Logger Analogue Trunk


In late 2015, we have also completed an integrated call centre solution for a government sector company located in Putrajaya. This solution proposed has enable customer to setup their own mini call centre which the customers uses the solution to better serve their internal companies.


Case Study 3

  • NEC SV8100 PABX
  • NEC MyCalls Call Manager
  • Xtend Voice Logger PRI Trunk
  • GSM Solution


BYO TECH has also completed a solution for a group of operators in the healthcare industry. This solution proposed to a hospital located in Shah Alam is used to monitor and track the operator call handling where calls will be promptly delivered to respective departments for more efficient call handling. The solution provide allows customer to understand and track the call handling within an organization.

Case Study 4

  • NEC SV9300 PABX
  • PMS Integration with middleware PMS vendor
  • NEC BCT Operator


In 2016, BYO TECH managed to secure a project with a total solution for a Hotel located in Kuala Lumpur where BYO TECH is responsible to install, maintain and integrate the Hotel PABX with various solution for their customer.


Case Study 5

  • NEC SV8100 PABX
  • NEC BCT Operator


BYO TECH also provide operator solutions for various type of industries. The operator solution proposed ease the operators work as the newly PC console is user friendly and with high-end features where operators is able to transfer, email or sms users with a single click. These solution is very useful for larger enterprise where the phonebook records can be centralized and integrated.



Case Study 6

NEC SV8100 PABX interconnect via Aspilanet with SL-1000


BYO TECH also has provided solutions for customers to integrate their voice communication between HQ and branch offices. In this case study, we have deployed a NEC PABX for HQ and interconnect seven (7) branches with NEC SL-1000 keyphones.



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