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Xtend Voice Logger Solution

In today's increasingly virtual world, the first interaction a customer has with your organisation is usually via the phone. Are you aware how quick your organisation is in responding to your customers? Or how knowledgeable your front-line staffs are in dealing with customer queries? Or just how your customer complaints are being dealt with? The way your organisation handles telephone calls plays a major role in determining the success and future of your organisation. To understand, monitor and effectively supervise your organisation's interactions on phone, you need to implement a voice recording solution.

The need of deployment Voice Logger Solutions

  • Customer Service

Recording and subsequent review of phone calls of support staff ensures prompt, courteous and friendly conversation with customers, leading to an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Quality Control

Reviews of phone conversations also enable one to effectively identify capable support staff and weed out non-performing personnel to ensure a dramatic improvement in customer service.

  • Dispute Resolution

Recording of phone conversations for business transactions ensures a voice log which can be invaluable in quickly and correctly identifying and resolving customer disputes.

  • Misuse Detection

Since all conversations including call details are recorded and can be later retrieved, any misuse of the phone network can be easily detected and minimised.

  • Staff Improvement

Recorded conversations can be used for training customer support and front-line staff to help them understand how to correctly handle and resolve customer issues. Maintaining a database of such calls will ensure that new recruits get up and running quickly with minimal training.

  • Policy Compliance

Since your customer support personnel are aware of the call recording process, they will be careful to adhere to company policy, regulations and etiquette when on phone.

Many organisations in our country and abroad are implementing call monitoring solutions to supervise their telephone network. These solutions enable senior managers to gather information about the way in which customer service and front-line staff interact with their clients. The monitoring can be done locally or remotely by means of a web-enabled interface that allows you to listen to live or recorded calls from anywhere in the world.


Xtend Voice Logger offers

  • User-friendly browser interface with multiple access levels

  • Logs complete call details including caller/called id, date, time, duration etc.

  • Compatible with analogue lines, digital trunks/ extensions, audio and VoIP lines

  • Simplified or advanced search and reporting capability

  • Real-time call snoop capability and call alert popups

  • Export call reports in HTML/Excel format

  • Backup to CD/DVD/hard disk or .zip files for later restoration

  • Automatic scheduled backup of recorded files

  • Low disk space notification and board failure alerts

  • Graphical charts for statistical analysis of calls

  • Call record commenting and custom tags creation for quick call record retrieval

  • SMDR integration for detailed call record analysis

  • Phonebook integration for informative call records

  • Audio compression capability to PCM/GSM formats

  • ActiveX based advanced audio player with AGC and DTMF mute capability

  • Export of audio files to MP3/PCM/GSM formats

  • Stereo audio logs for digital trunk, extension and VoIP calls


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