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Xtend Voice Logger – Analogue Trunk / Analogue Extensions

Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines is a multi-line voice recording device that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on analogue trunks and extensions. The devices come in 4/8/12/16 port configurations for analogue extensions and trunk. This current analogue logger is a fully featured model where multiple devices can be connected to a single PC to scale up to a total of 256+ ports. Even when multiple units are installed, the software presents a combined unified browser interface for accessing all connected Xtend Voice Logger devices.

The Xtend Voice Logger (Analogue) offers

  • Stackable USB powered device

  • Supports DTMF and FSK Caller-IDs

  • Browser-based user interface

  • Logs complete call details

  • Powerful search and reporting

  • Call record commenting and tagging

  • Advanced audio player

  • Backup/archiving capability

  • Alerts and client-side popups

  • Multi-user login facility

  • Audio compression capability

  • Export of audio files to MP3/PCM/GSM

  • Group-wise monitoring of calls

  • Phonebook and call statistics

Advanced Features

Audio logs of all calls

All telephone conversations are recorded and stored in the industry standard wave format. Compression levels can be defined and recorded audio can be exported as MP3/PCM/GSM files.

Browser-based user interface

The easy-to-use browser-based user interface supports multiple user access levels. The user interface helps supervisors, managers and top-level executives to review logged conversations for further analysis.

Logs complete call details

Every call whether incoming or outgoing is logged in the Voice Logger. Each record consists of complete call details like date, time, duration of the call, caller ID etc.

Powerful search & reporting

Use the powerful filter search capability to locate specific records. Use the reporting capability to quickly view call reports for a specific time period. Export search results to folder, .zip or Excel format for further analysis. Monitor live call status and snoop live calls.

Call record commenting & tagging

Use the built-in tags or customise your own tags and assign to specific call records so that records can be quickly located at a later date. In addition, notes can be added for each call record and can be retrieved at a later date via the search interface.

Advanced audio player

ActiveX-based audio player enables one to select, play and analyse the recorded audio. Advanced capabilities of the player include AGC, DTMF muting and loop play functionality.

Backup/archiving capability

Recorded audio can be written to CD, DVD, folder or as a .zip file and later restored.

Alerts & client-side popups

Use of the logger client application enables any agent to be notified of active calls taking place in the organisation. The Voice Logger also generates alerts in order to inform the agents regarding any low-resource / failure condition.

Phonebook & call statistics

An inbuilt address book enables one to store name and address details into the system. All searches, reports and popups can be configured to utilise the information in the address book. Statistics related to calls on trunk-wise basis during any specific time period can be viewed in report / graphic form.


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